Monday, February 7, 2011

Snow Day

We are out of school for snow today.  Yeah for today, but we'll pay in May.  (Okay, really it will be June but May rhymed.)  It has given me time to catch news programs I rarely get to see, read some blogs, and yes, do some needed housework.

For some time now, after listening to one newscast after another, I have begun to worry about my freedoms as an American citizen.  Just today there was an article about Michelle Obama and her push to get restaurants to reduce the size of meals.  Even though we are in hard economic times, she isn't bothered by cost but by portion size.  What right does she have to meddle into my personal business? None.  Now, let's stop and think.  "Shrink portion size but not price and blame it all on the government and obesity."  Might sound good to many restaurant owners who may be operating close to the red.  What about these economic times when one meal is shared by two or more people?  Cut the portion size and those people can't afford a meal.  What about people who can't afford a cook stove and share one meal a day from a restaurant?  There are people out there that fit that description.  Many people.  Yes, it would be less expensive if they prepared their meals at home, but not everyone can do that.  Looks to me like Michelle Obama has topped Marie Antoinette.  Marie Antoinette is famous for her quote to the starving, "Let them eat cake."  Michelle Obama will be known for taking away the cake and leaving the starving doing just that ...starving.    Doesn't she understand that economics plays a big part in what people choose to eat?

Think I'll go find some cake.

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