Saturday, September 11, 2010

A Rainy Saturday

When I began this blog it was my hope to write a little each day.  That hasn't happened.  Instead, I fall behind and look for that early Saturday morning when everyone else is asleep to catch up.  And as you can see by the dates posted-that hasn't happened much either.

Rainy Saturdays.  I love them!  I love listening to the soft patter against the windows that says, "Life is good.  Rest your weary body."  Don't get me wrong.   I don't want it to rain every Saturday.  It's just rain has been an infrequent commodity this summer so it is especially rewarding today.   And Saturday rains are so much better than weekday rains.  We can sit back and enjoy them instead of having to go out in them to make our way to work.  So what will I do with this rainy Saturday?  Read and write.  My son gave me a journal a couple of years ago and this summer I dedicated 30 minutes each morning to writing.  My daughter's journal, just recently purchased, is my next endeavor.  I will try to spend an hour each Saturday writing in it.  I hope I do better with that than my blog writing.  So here's to lazy, rainy Saturdays that refresh our souls with God's special touch.