Friday, August 20, 2010

Applying a New Look

How hard is it for you to decide what color to paint your walls?  For me, it's an awful decision.  One part of me wants a calm neutral color that portrays timeless fashion.  Another me wants something bold. (Yes, there is a bolder side of me hidden somewhere in the recesses of my personality.)  I was watching an episode of "Design Star" the other night and one of the contestants commented on how we should look to our clothing choices to choose how we design our living spaces.  I wear solids-black, brown, white with a little pop of color.  Hmmmm.    So, given my clothing choices, it looks like my choice should be the neutral with a pop of color added in the assessories.  But even then there are a multitude of choices.  Do I go with a gray tone or brown tone, maybe a cream?  Just when I think I am certain, I find myself looking again.  Questioning my decision.  Afterall, I will be looking at it for another 10 to 15 years. Whatever my decision, it has to be made within 2 days.  Yes, you heard me right.  I'm down to the wire.   I wonder how many others suffer from the same uncertainity as I? 

 But really that's not truly the hardest part.  You know what I'm talking about.  Yes, the getting everything moved away from the walls and out from under the furniture.  We never realize just how much "stuff" we have until we have to move it.  I've lived in this house for 22 years.  And I am in the truest sense a "kindergarten teacher" (That's the kind way of saying I save way too many useless objects that I "might" find useful later.)  My daughter is an artist and amazingly does not have that "kindergarten teacher" mentality.  Being an artist I thought she might, but she has that type A neat streak personality.  And I love her for it!  You see, she comes home and rescues her mother by cleaning out the closets and reorganizing my life every year or so.  She also gave her opinion on paint color--go neutral and add personality and color with assessories. 

Tuesday, August 10, 2010


At age four I had a one year old brother and a newborn sister.  We would remain a threesome for seven more years before we turned into four.  And we are as different as we are alike.  I take pride in my siblings.  In their accomplishments in life.  In their dedication to God.  Brother # 1 is a gospel preacher whose memory of the scriptures is astonishing and his capacity to preach God's Word is undeniable.  My sister is a talented, efficient business woman who has the "touch" that makes even the dull and drab look shiny and new.  And although the consumate business woman, she is never lax in her duty to God.  Brother # 2 is a skilled optomitrist but also the family geneologist.  He has taken up the task of making certain our children and our children's children know our grandparents and therefore our "history" by researching and then writing books about their lives.  He also has a well honed memory of the scriptures and uses that memory to God's glory.  So what about me?  I am the educator.  For me it was never "this is the answer" because there always had to be a "why?".  My duty is to teach students to read and comprehend so they have no excuse for not knowing God's Word.  We are free moral agents.  That means we have the ability to decide whether to follow God or not.  The ability to comprehend what we read means we cannot blame our lack of knowledge about God's Word on someone else.   Also, an educated population is a free population.  Tyranny cannot rule when the populace is educated.

Friday, August 6, 2010


August 6, 2010

Today I take my first step into the world of blogging.  So let me introduce myself.

My name is Terri and I live in rural northeast Arkansas.  I am an educator of 30 years with all but one year in public education.  I have taught kindergarten, first and third grade, sixth grade literacy, and am now enjoying connecting students with books as the library media specialist at the local junior high.

I have 3 children, two  homegrown and one chosen, and a wonderful daughter-in-law.   The previous statement does not imply that my children are not wonderful, also.  It's just that when I see the phrase "_____-in-law" I always feel the need to qualify due to so many "in-law" jokes and the bad rap given to so many in-laws.  So what's up with the chosen one?  Well, "homegrown" simply put means "from the womb" and chosen is the term I give to our son that came our way in his teens.  He isn't adopted, but he is ours just the same.  Hence, chosen.

Husband you ask?  Yes, and a fine one at that!  He is also in education--the superintendent of a rural school in a community not far from our residence.  He took over that position last year.  He is also an elder in the church.  A very busy man!

So why am I blogging?  Well, I joined Facebook but seldom comment because I didn't find that medium the right place to speak my mind.  I need more space.  And, I think people tend to jabber rather than take the time to thoughtfully communicate.  If someone wants to know what I think about religious, political, educational, etc. issues, they can visit me here.  I'm not forcing my thoughts on others.

I don't promise to blog everyday.  I hope to use this as a plank for thoughtful consideration and hope that if you decide to follow me that you will feel free to communicate your thoughts also.

 For now.......