Saturday, April 30, 2011

April Showers Bring May Flowers

Okay, I know that's true, but East Pocahontas is now underwater so we've had enough rain.  Unfortunately, the forecast is for rain to move in again late tonight or early tomorrow and rain for 3 days.  So much for drying out.  Hwy. 67 N. is closed.  Hwy. 67 S. is closed.  The highway between Portia and Black Rock is now closed.  That means the only way out of Pocahontas is west toward Ash Flat or go south from Imboden to Strawberry to Bald Knob and then back up to Jonesboro or south to Searcy.  Wednesday, Denny, Alicia, Matthew and Mitch flew over the area to see and document the flooding from an arial view.  There's water everywhere!  Fortunately, Mitch and I are on the west side of Pocahontas in the "dry" area.  Probably 20% of our school population is affected by the flooding.  Sadly, they are the students that don't have a lot to begin with and now they have nothing.  Once the levy broke there just wasn't time to get their things out.

Northeast Arkansas, Southeast Missouri aren't the only areas affected by weather conditions.  The storm system that came through here also affected Texas and Oklahoma.  Another system hammered Mississippi and Alabama with EF4 tornadoes.  Hundreds of people lost their lives in that system because it went through cities.  Tuscaloosa, Birmingham and Huntsville.  So much destruction!